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A Song of Ice & Fire: Neutral Bloody Mummer Skirmishers Unit Box Expansion

A Song of Ice & Fire: Neutral Bloody Mummer Skirmishers Unit Box Expansion
Of the many mercenary companies in Westeros, the Bloody Mummers stand out with their garish outfits and makeup as well as their wild antics. Though they may act like clowns when not in battle, on the field they are cruel, fierce fighters. They are well-suited for light cavalry with their zorses (produced from interbreeding a horse and an unidentified striped animal). Their mounts are as swift as a horse, though not quite as powerful, and they can travel long distances on little food or water. These light cavalry units are perfect for flanking maneuvers and menacing vulnerable enemy units or artillery. An intelligent Commander will keep these units out of direct charges by armored knights but used properly they can outflank and destroy any enemy unit.

This Unit Box adds a quick and deadly unit to your Commanders unit and as a neutral unit, they can be employed by any House. Armed with vicious blades, they roll a respectable number of dice and only get better when attacking an inactivated enemy. Retaliating against the Bloody Mummers will allow them to use their Parry ability, punishing attackers haphazardly.


- 12 Miniatures
- 1 Unit Card
- 1 Movement Tray