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A Song of Ice & Fire: Neutral Stormcrow Archers Expansion

A Song of Ice & Fire: Neutral Stormcrow Archers Expansion
Mercenaries are in high demand due to the unrest in Westeros and the Stormcrows are skilled, professional, ready, and willing to lend their strengths to those who can afford their price. These archers are talented and well-equipped with powerful longbows - ideal for long-range combat. They are lightly armored making them a perfect unit for rapid movement, and they are extremely effective when turning their deadly arrows against enemy forces from afar. These Neutral Forces can be used by any House or by a Neutral army.

This Unit box adds a dedicated ranged attack unit for Commanders to utilize in their battle plans. As they are mercenaries, they receive a one point discount on one Unit Attachment assigned to them. They can also be motivated with more gold, allowing a free attack when targeted by the Wealth zone of the Tactics Board.

A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game core set required to play.


- 13 Miniatures
- 1 Unit Card
- 1 Movement Tray
- 1 Stat Card