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A Song of Ice & Fire: Night's Watch Conscripts Unit Box

A Song of Ice & Fire: Night's Watch Conscripts Unit Box
Before becoming Sworn Brothers of the Night's Watch each man starts out as a conscript. These conscripts are used when and where necessary to ensure the safety of Westeros. With survival and proper training, these conscripts will eventually be offered the chance to join the Night's Watch proper.

This Unit Box adds an easily fielded unit for your Night's Watch Commander to send into battle. They may not be as strong or tough as other units in the Night's Watch but they can receive costly points to balance the numbers closer to equal, helping any unit to work just that little bit more efficiently.

A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game core set required to play.


- 13 miniatures
- 12 Conscript Miniatures
- 1 Watch Recruiter Miniature
- 1 Unit Card
- 1 Attachment Card
- 1 Movement Tray