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A Song of Ice & Fire: Stark Heroes Box 2 Expansion

A Song of Ice & Fire: Stark Heroes Box 2 Expansion
House Stark is famously honorable and known for their integrity. They have many allies that other great Houses have shunned, giving them unusual friends with many skills that can be useful in battle.

This box adds seven heroes with a plethora of options for Stark Commanders to utilize in their battle plans. From swordsmen to cunning tacticians, inspirational figureheads to deadly foes, this box provides formidable fighters for your army.

A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game core set required to play.


- 7 Miniatures
- Meera Reed Miniature
- Jojen Reed Miniature
- Syrio Forel Miniature
- Arya Stark Miniature
- Rickon Stark Miniature
- Shaggydog Miniature
- Osha Miniature
- 1 Unit Card
- 5 Attachment Cards
- 1 NCU Card
- 1 Movement Tray
- 7 Stat Cards