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Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings - Hundred Kingdoms - Gilded Legion

Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings - Hundred Kingdoms - Gilded Legion
The Gilded Legion could have had a reputation and a history at least as storied as that of the Steel Legion, as both trace their origins to the first professional forces Charles Armatellum established in his bid for Empire. Their position, however, as guardians of the Imperial Mint, their attendant duties as the protectors of the Imperial tax collectors and the controversial past of their legion, have served to forever overshadow their accomplishments. Despite the Chamberlain's drastic and brutal reforms, the hearts of the people would never be won. What once was hatred and loathing has at best turned into fearful contempt. In the end, Gilded Legionnaires care little. Housed with their entire families in a dedicated complex in Argem, the Gilded Legion has become for many a way of life, the bonds between its members as lasting and loyal as their dedication to their work. Clad in gold-trimmed blackened steel armor, a phalanx of Gilded Legionnaires moves as a single organism under the terse commands of their drillmasters, their disciplined silence, synchronized footfalls and dehumanizing masks doing more to unnerve the enemy than any war cry could.