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DC Comics Heroes & Villains Mystery Vinyl Blind Box Figure

DC Comics Heroes & Villains Mystery Vinyl Blind Box Figure
Please note this listing is for one blind boxed miniature figure. When you have 3" tall superheroes (and villains), your crime is on a different scale entirely than what our intrepid DC Comics heroes normally encounter. These figures are suited more to the sort of investigation which occurs in schools and offices across the country every single day, ones such as "what's in that doughnut" and "who walked off with my pen?" These 3" vinyl figures on UNKL's signature UNIPO body are perfect for that sort of crimefighting (or evildoing, as the case may be). If you order one, you'll get Batman, Superman, The Flash, Harley Quinn, The Joker, or Mr. Freeze. If you order two, you might get two of the same or you might get two different ones. That's the fun of blind box.