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Defenders of the Realm: Minion Expansion - Undead

Defenders of the Realm: Minion Expansion - Undead
The Undead Minions are the most terrifying troops of the Dark Lord’s Army. The most numerous of the Undead Minions are the ferocious Skeleton Warriors raised from the dead by powerful necromancers, terrifying the inhabitants of the Realm as they march unceasingly toward Monarch City. Riding in support of the Undead Skeletons are terrifying Nightmares, heartless creatures raised from the underworld, riding flaming stallions as they terrorize the villages and cities throughout the Realm. The Undead Minions Pack provides the players with 20 unpainted Skeleton Warriors and 5 unpainted Nightmares, along with 2 Minion Reference Cards describing how these Minions are to be used in playing Defenders of the Realm.