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Donald Trunk Freaker Feet Socks

Donald Trunk Freaker Feet Socks
The plot is thickening. The stakes are rising. The kitchen is on fire. Hide your children. The chaos is escalating. Quickly. LIZARD PEOPLE EVERYWHERE! We hope you're enjoying that special branch of horrifying fun reserved for an Election Year. We've made you some special treats to commemorate your journey and (hopefully) making it out alive. May the odds be ever in your favor. Show your feet the love and affection it deserves. There's a freaker feet style for every state flag in the union! Imagine taking a little time each morning when you slide these socks on, with the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing where they came from and the smiles and love behind them. These socks are sourced, manufactured and fondled in the USA! Buying American-Made = Eco-Friendly Superstars! Farms across southeastern USA produce the cotton that goes into these socks, while the dying and knitting takes place in North Carolina. American jobs thank you kindly for your support. Home of the brave, land of the freaks! With 127 unique designs to choose from, you are bound to find just the right one to let your personality shine through. A match made in heaven! We can't wait to freak your feet!