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Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - Survivors: Boston Companions

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - Survivors: Boston Companions
These three Survivors would be a welcome addition to any Wasteland Warfare game. X6-88, a synth working as an Institute Courser, is capable of ranged attacks, direct assaults, or subtle approaches. Piper Wright is a reporter who is not afraid to anger the authorities and seek the truth no matter the personal costs. Cait is a cage fighter with an abusive past and a deep abiding anger that makes her a formidable opponent. This pack contains three miniatures, made of high-quality multi-part resin, that will allow you to expand your next Wasteland Warfare game.


- 1 X6-88 Courser Miniature
- 1 Piper Miniature
- 1 Cait Miniature
- 3 Scenic Bases
- 6 Large Cards: Unit, AI
- 10 Small Cards with a range of: Item (Weapon, Equipment, Mod, Chem), Boost, Quest, Perk, Leader