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Front Line No Komrades: Oxna Bears All!

Front Line No Komrades: Oxna Bears All!
Life at the front is a bleak and hollow reminder of what once was. The memory of home is all any Komrade can cherish while in the trenches. Their longing to return is what keeps Komrades marching steadily forward towards near-certain death. News from home is a much-needed respite for a Komrade’s spirits. However, Oxna the Bear receives some rather grim tidings from home. Her success at the front has been costly for her family. The Party has ordered that more bears are needed at the front and can think of no better reinforcement than Oxna’s own cubs. Hoping she has bestowed some of her fighting strength to her offspring, the Hero Kommissar leading the Ursine Special Services Recruitment program, has recruited Oxna’s cubs to join the fight. Oxna is not going to let the horrors of battle reach her offspring. In this, our first expansion for Front Line No Komrades, OXNA BEARS ALL. Oxna Bears All is a brilliant new expansion for the hit card game Front Line – No Komrades.