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Heart of Crown: Fairy Garden Deck Building Card Game

Heart of Crown: Fairy Garden Deck Building Card Game
In Heart of Crown: Fairy Garden, you take the role of a powerful politician whose aim it is to promote your chosen princess to the throne. All players begin with a humble collection of land and a few clumsy maids. Using the tax revenue from your lands, you will purchase new cards from the markets that will aid you in your quest to sponsor your princess’ ascension. Don't forget to keep a keen eye on your opponents, as they seek to seat their own heir on the throne. To gain the upper hand in the race for ascension, you must collect Succession points. The first player to collect twenty Succession points can announce their coronation ceremony. If the ceremony goes unchallenged for a whole round, you can declare yourself the true heir and winner! Heart of Crown: Fairy Garden can be played alone or with other sets from the Heart of Crown series.