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Hordes Circle Orboros Devour's Host Theme Force

Hordes Circle Orboros Devour's Host Theme Force
Tharn are the most terrifying and ruthless warriors dedicated to the Circle Orboros. Savage descendants of the barbaric Molgur, Tharn revere the Devourer Wurm. Though once human, they have become something else after centuries of channeling the Wurm’s power to transform into bestial killers. Amid frenzied rites, ravagers gain muscle mass to become hulking axe-wielding brutes, closing on their foes to tear out their hearts and eat them raw. Stealthier bloodweavers are cloaked in shadow during their approach and engage in sacrificial bloodletting, each one wielding a sacral blade to offer their kills to the Wurm. The twins Bríghid & Caul stand as heroes among the Tharn, veterans of infamous reputation. Unleash these bloodthirsty warriors with this box, which contains a full complement of Tharn ready to support your warlock’s battlegroup. Fight to offer blood and hearts to the Wurm! This box contains 35-points of warriors to add to the Circle of Orboros Battle Box (PIP 72094) in order to create an army built using the Devourer’s Host Theme Force. The army can be easily expanded by adding other Exemplar units like the Tharn Blood Pack (PIP 72076) or the Tharn Bloodtrackers (PIP 72071). Warlocks who grant bonuses to Tharn models, such as Iona the Unseen (PIP 72104), also pair well with this box.