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Killer Bunnies and the Ultimate Odyssey - Crops Starter Deck

Killer Bunnies and the Ultimate Odyssey - Crops Starter Deck
Killer Bunnies need you. In the ultimate race to build a bunny society on planet Earth, Killer Bunnies and the Ultimate Odyssey pits players against each other as they struggle to gain Civilization Points, by building cities and increasing their bunny populations. Players gain points by developing their own civilizations or by using zany weapons and hilarious scenarios to destroy their opponents. Want even more fun? Try combining decks to build your own unique set of cards in this non collectible, but highly constructible Killer Bunnies card game. The Elementals Starter Deck includes: 3 dice, 18 scoring squares, and 60 cards. The violet deck has an elemental based theme which also includes metals, jewels and amazing cards such as Slow Smelting which causes players to lose their turn and maybe, maybe not which can eliminate an opponent's attack. For 2 or more players, 30 minute playing time, ages 13 to adult.