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Marvel Strike Teams: Avengers Initiative

Marvel Strike Teams: Avengers Initiative
Avengers Initiative is the first expansion for Marvel strike teams, the tabletop strategy Game designed by Andrew parks. This expansion allows you to send a strike team of heroes to invade the base of a villainous mastermind in order to complete challenging scenarios. Each player controls a character with a HeroClix combat dial to track their level and build points. One player is the mastermind controlling all the villains and the other players are the heroes. Avengers Initiative features some of Marvel’s most powerful villains, including Loki, the Asgardian God of mischief, and Ultron, the robotic world conqueror. Standing against them are some of earth’s mightiest heroes, including the vision, black Widow, and Falcon, accompanied by their ally from s.H.I.e.L.D., Agent Phil Coulson. However, the villainous Masterminds are not without their own allies! on their side are the inimitable absorbing Man and the unpredictable Agent Grant ward. Expand your Marvel strike team strategy Game with this action-packed addition and get to thwarting the ever-tricky Loki today!