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Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 (Blue Box)

Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 (Blue Box)
Pandemic: Legacy Season 1 in game story takes place over the course of a year with 12 game sessions representing one month each. What you do in current game sessions will affect future game sessions. Will your actions help or hinder you in the future? Sealed packets, opened over the course of the game, will introduce new information and secrets that will change the world and the game. Every month has two new objectives, new challenges, and sometimes new rules. Each decision you make affects all future decisions available to you. With so many different options and choices to make no two games are ever the same! Game contents of Blue Box and Red Box are the same, covers have different art. Contents: - Rulebook - 1 Game Board - 5 Character Cards - 4 Pawns - 4 Reference Cards (one per player color) - 61 Player Cards (48 City, 5 Epidemic, 8 Event) - 48 Infection Cards - 62 Legacy Cards - 4 Civilian Cards - 5 Dossiers - 1 Sticker Sheet - 4 Cure Markers - 1 Infection Rate Marker - 1 Outbreaks Marker - 1 Reminder Token - 96 Disease Cubes (24 each in 4 different colors) - 1 Package Box with 8 Numbered Packages - 6 Research Stations