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Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 (Yellow Box)

Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 (Yellow Box)
Pandemic: Legacy Season 2 takes place 71 years after the events of Pandemic Legacy: Season 1. Three generations have passed and the small foothold that cities had left are in peril due to low supplies. It falls to you and your friends to reestablish supply lines and get the cities back up and running. Will actions from previous game sessions help or hurt future efforts? New components, information, and secrets are revealed as the game progresses - changing your situation and options. Each session uncovers new regions to explore and new threats to overcome. With so many different options and choices to make, no two worlds, or games, will ever be the same! Game contents of Black Box and Yellow Box are the same, covers have different art. Contents: - Rulebook - Reference Cards - Game Board - 10 Character Cards - 4 Pawns - 9 Supply Centers - 5 Tokens - 36 Supply Cubes - 8 Plague Cubes - 53 Player Cards - 27 Infection Cards - 82 Legacy Cards - 4 Haven Worker Cards - 6 Dossiers - Much more...