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Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu

Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu
The Old Ones are stirring once again, trying to invade our world, where they will unleash madness, chaos, and destruction upon humanity. You and your fellow investigators are aware of this threat and are the only ones who can stop it. Instead of viruses, as in other Pandemic titles, this time your enemy is more tangible but just as terrifying. Can you seal the four gates, defeat cultists and Shoggoths, and ward off monsters before Cthulhu rises and destroys everything you love? Time is short and insanity is imminent in this horrifying take on Pandemic. Contents: - Rulebook - 1 Game Board - 7 Investigator Figures - 26 Cultist Figures - 3 Shoggoth Figures - 4 Seal Tokens - 7 Investigator Cards - 12 Old One Cards - 44 Clue Cards - 12 Relic Cards - 24 Summoning Cards - 4 Reference Cards - 18 Sanity Tokens - 1 Sanity Die