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Pandemic: Rising Tide

Pandemic: Rising Tide
In Pandemic: Rising Tide, you and your friends play as Dutch civil officer officials trying to modernize the water containment system to hold back the ever-approaching sea water. You must construct four hydraulic structures to ensure the safety of your people, but there is much you must do first. Build dikes, ports, and windmills; and overcome problems caused by flooding and storm waters. Join your character's strengths with those of your friends to create a safe place for your booming population to thrive. Contents: - 7 Pawns - 7 Role Cards - 78 Player Cards - 56 Dike Failure Cards - 4 Hydraulic Structure Tokens - 1 Sea Level Marker - 1 Reminder Marker - 5 Reference Cards - 1 Population Loss/Setup Summary Card - 50 Dikes - 5 Pumping Stations - 12 Objective Cards - 36 Water Cubes - 36 Population Cubes - 5 Ports - 1 Board