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Pandemic: The Cure Expansion: Experimental Meds

Pandemic: The Cure Expansion: Experimental Meds
This super-expansion introduces two new challenges to Pandemic: The Cure. A fifth virus spreads and Hot Zones pop up everywhere, changing the rules for the worse. Lucky for you there are also eight new new characters entering the fray who can help you fight the viruses. 11 new event cards add even more options to your next game, and with an estimated play time of 30 minutes, you can play as often as you want! Contents: - Rulebook - 8 Role Cards - 40 Player Dice (in 8 colors) - 11 Event Cards - 3 Blank Event Cards - 12 Purple Infection Dice - 11 Hot Zone Dice - 5 Hot Zone Reference Cards - 1 Purple Cured Disease Card - 1 Mutation Reference Card - 1 Sticker Sheet