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Privateer Press - Warmachine - Cryx: Kraken Colossal Model Kit

Privateer Press - Warmachine - Cryx: Kraken Colossal Model Kit
The Cryxian colossals rank among the most nightmarish necromechanikal fabrications ever loosed upon the Iron Kingdoms. Deployed only sparingly and in secret for centuries, these terrifying constructs are seen among Cryx armies with increasing frequency. The Kraken lashes out with long tentacles, feeding its necromantic furnace with the corpses of its victims to power its deadly hellblaster cannon. The Sepulcher snatches enemy soldiers and necromechanikally enhances them, producing an endless supply of thralls to be unleashed on the enemies of the Dragonfather. Models are supplied unpainted and unassembled and may require trimming and cleaning before assembly and painting. Ages 14+.