20 Strong: Solar Sentinels Base Game

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Enter the world of 20 Strong with the core game, which comes with 20 dice and the Solar Sentinels deck! Featuring the core 20 Strong ruleset, your 20 hit/stat dice, and the Solar Sentinels deck – all bundled together in an elegant, travel-friendly case – it's the perfect entry point into 20 Strong and the Chip Theory catalogue.
•The object of a game of 20 Strong is to progress through a shuffled deck of cards, each card bearing a unique challenge.
•This challenge could be in the form of an enemy, a unique scenario, or some other requirement (for example, players of the Too Many Bones deck might expect to see a Lockpicking challenge or two).
•Challenges usually require a certain number of successes to complete, which you earn by rolling a set of 17 dice with different odds for a hit (these dice, along with three adjustable stat dice, make up the “20” in 20 Strong).
•If you roll enough successes, you complete a card’s challenge and gain its rewards. If you don’t, you take damage and move on to the next card – unless, of course, your HP stat is reduced to 0, costing you the game.
•1 Player | Ages 14+ | 30-40 Minutes Playing Time

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