2007 Topps Baseball Complete Factory Set (Los Angeles Dodgers Edition)


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Split between two series, 2007 Topps Baseball is a 660-card set. The design stands out from other base Topps sets from the era largely because of its black borders. Card fronts have one of the most simplistic layouts ever for a flagship Topps baseball set. Each of the corners has four small colored squares. The thick top border has a comparatively large Topps logo sitting over top of a small team name. Both are written in silver foil. The bottom of the card has a small first name and a large last name, again in foil. Team logos and positions are nowhere to be found on the card fronts. Player images have a facsimile autograph.
•Complete set includes Series 1 & 2
•Set contains 661 cards
•Includes a pack of FIVE unique Los Angeles Dodgers cards that are exclusive to this set
•Ages 6+

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