A Christmas Karen Party Game - Festive Bluffing Game with One-Star Reviews!

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Just in time for Christmas, Karen is back! Liven up the holiday game nights, family gatherings, and social events with A Christmas Karen. Just like in the original Karen game, A Christmas Karen has players guessing what item is getting reviewed based on real one-star reviews pulled from the internet. Laughter and merriment abound in A Christmas Karen, a very seasonal party game of some of the internet’s worst reviews!
•FESTIVE BLUFFING FUN: Get into the holiday spirit with A Christmas Karen, the hilarious game where players mix fake complaints with real one-star reviews to become the ultimate Christmas Karen.
•HILARIOUS FAKE COMPLAINTS: Craft your own fake grievances and slip them in among genuine one-star reviews to outwit your opponents and prove you're the true Christmas Karen.
•FESTIVE SEASON MUST-HAVE: Perfect for holiday gatherings, this must-have game guarantees laughter and entertainment during the festive season.
•BLUFF AND CONVINCE: Use your wit and persuasion to convince others that your complaints are the real deal, all while navigating the comical world of one-star reviews.
•FAMILY AND FRIENDS FUN: Gather family and friends for hours of laughter and festive competition with A Christmas Karen, the ultimate bluffing game.

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