A Song of Ice & Fire: Free Folk Skinchangers Unit Box

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The Skinchangers unit box for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game gives Free Folk commanders a new option for their armies. The Skinchanger Unit Attachment can be placed in any unit, ignoring usual Unit Attachment rules (so they can join a unit with another attachment already in it). When being added, the player can also add their animal unit to the table. When the Skinchanger’s unit activates, the accompanying animal can activate immediately afterward, creating perfect “one-two punch” combinations. Just be sure that the two are never further than Long Range from one-another, or the Skinchanger is killed. Either situation will cause the animal to also be destroyed.
•Officially Licensed
•Contains 8 Miniatures / 8 Cards ( 2 Unit Cards / 6 Attachment Cards ) / 2 Movement Trays
•Figures and Plastic Components Included are Pre-Assembled and Unpainted
•Please Note: Requires a Free Folk Starter Set to Play
•Made in China

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