A Touch of Evil 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

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To celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of A Touch of Evil, we created a Limited Deluxe Edition of the original game! This boxed set includes plastic pieces for many of the markers, plastic terrain features for Corner Locations, and in addition to the original cast of Heroes and supernatural Villains, it includes a sinister new EPIC Villain version of the Spectral Horseman, complete with a plastic Villain figure, expanded Minions, and a new deck of Horseman-themed cards to unleash upon the Heroes! Also includes all of the Web Villains from the last decade of A Touch of Evil - for the first time in print - including all of the associated die-cut counters! With a Deluxe Numbered Collector’s Box designed to hold all of your A Touch of Evil expansions, a re-mastered game soundtrack including new songs, and a brand new Rulebook, collecting ten years of gothic horror, this set will be a must have for all ATOE fans!
•10 year anniversary edition!
•Beautiful new miniatures are included for the Epic Villain Spectral Horseman, detailed Busts for each of the Town Elders, Wound Tokens in single and five piece, Investigation Tokens in single and five piece, and a Shadow Track Marker inspired by the classic clock!
•CD Soundtrack Included - remastered and expanded soundtrack, including new songs!
•This set features masterfully detailed plastic Corner Locations, bringing these classic environments to life!
•Deluxe Numbered Collector's Box designed to hold your A Touch of Evil collection!

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