Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (2E) Forgotten Realms The Code of the Harpers (USED)

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From the storm-lashed rocks west of fabled Evermeet to the Plains of Purple Dust, all the folk of Faerun have heard of the Harpers. Noble fools, some call them. Crazy, misguided meddlers, others say. Still others disagree. "The one true hope of the Realms," said one princess. "A shining light in the darkness of out lives," agreed a sage, "pray that it never goes out." Just who are these mysterious, wandering folk who wear silver harp pins and walk softly in the most dangerous shadows of the Realms?
•This supplement is in USED condition
•Although used, the information provided in the product is complete and detailed.
•A couple examples of the used conditions could include creases, discoloration/fading, slight wear/tear, corner damage, etc.
•If there is any egregious damage, it will be shown in the secondary images.

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