AEG Black Box 2016


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For the third year, AEG will be releasing our Black Box, just in time for Black Friday and the holidays. Each year, the contents are a mystery but this year AEG will tease the contents, leading up to the release. To start, this year's box is for advanced gamers only. In previous years, we had a value box and a casual box. Each year, we aim to vary the contents of the black box. We listened to feedback from 2015 and we've made a product that will challenge gamers looking for a serious game! Do you have what it takes? There is only 1 game in the 2016 AEG Black Box this year.
•Phase is a game for Advanced Players!
•It's a throwback to an earlier time in the evolution of collectible card games where players were constantly finding ways to make the cards do things the designers did not anticipate - creating infinite loops, generating unlimited damage, drawing every card in a deck, etc.
•In Phase you play with a deck of two-sided cards. Cards "Phase" from side to side as you play meaning that at any time a cascade of Phasing can totally transform the board. A strong offense can convert to a strong defense, or vice versa with sudden speed.
•Phase has been delivered in a ready-to-play box containing more than 300 cards.
•2-5 Players | Ages 14+ | 20-40 Minutes Playing Time

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