Alien Xenomorph Drone (Alien) Figurine

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The Xenomorph is the titular creature from Ridley Scott’s 1979 classic, Alien, brought to life in a new collector's edition. The Xenomorph Drone (Alien) is a skeletal terror with acid for blood, a bladed tail and two sets of lethal jaws. Born from the stuff of nightmares, it quickly grew from the diminutive parasite that burst from the best of office Kane, to a terrifying monster that stalked the crew of Nostromo.
•A perfect showcase of H.R. Giger’s timeless design, this model captures the Xenomorph’s pose as it lunged from the shadows to kill Captain Dallas.
•This figure is a perfect hand-painted replica of a sci-fi/horror icon, designed using materials supplied straight from the film studio.
•The Xenomorph Drone (Alien) figure comes in a newly-designed special box that you can proudly display at home or in the office.
•1:16 Scale (approximately 6.1" tall)
•Collect the most iconic creatures from the Alien and Predator with the new collector's editions!

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