Arcane Legions: The Collectable Mass Action Miniatures Game - Han Booster Pack

Wells ExpeditionsSKU: WEL00004

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The emperor of China has dispatched Himiko, sorceress queen of Japan, to lead an army to punish those in the west responsible for the magical chaos that has swept over the land. Himiko commands an army not conceivable before the Night of Mists, composed of animated terracotta warriors, vengeful spirits, and powerful magic users, but is she really serving the emperor—or herself?
•This Booster Pack adds the power of seasoned leaders and specialized arcane units to your Han Arcane Legions army.
•You get 1 rare Hero and 2 Rare/Uncommon specialty units for a total of 5 to 11 fully painted figures, plus 6 additional unit cards that use figures from Booster Packs and Army Packs.
•Up to 11 25mm figures
•Figures are provided prepainted
•Up to 6 unit cards and their associated special ability cards

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