Arkham Horror LCG: Devil Reef

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As you stare out at the ill-omened shoals and scattered islands of Devil Reef, you can feel a new piece of the puzzle falling into place. You were out there, among the islands, searching for evidence of the Esoteric Order of Dagon…Within the Devil Reef Mythos Pack, you’ll find the next scenario of the tangled campaign unfolding around the events of The Innsmouth Conspiracy for Arkham Horror: The Card Game. You’ll flashback to your voyage out to Devil Reef three weeks prior—exploring the islands rumored to be haunted by terrible powers, and where you suspect the Esoteric Order of Dagon is hiding something. With the game’s first vehicle-driven scenario and an assortment of new player cards for every class, Devil Reef is a gripping next chapter in your unfolding tale of rising tides and encroaching madness.
•Every Mythos Pack offers another scenario and the next chapter of the unfolding campaign.
•New player cards in every pack offer a wide assortment of additions for every investigator.
•New bless and curse mechanics give players an intriguing new way to interact with the mythos bag.

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