Astro Trash Family Board Game

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Astro Trash is a game in which each player must get rid of all the Trash on their play mat at the expense of the players to their left and right. Players simultaneously roll three dice and rapidly move the “trash” according to the direction, quantity, and color indicated on the dice.
•Astro Trash is a fast paced frenzy board game where players race to rid the "trash" off their planets. Be the first to rid you planet of trash to win
•How to Play | At the same time, players will roll 3 dice. Each dice will show the color/type of trash, the direction and the number of pieces to pass. Players pass pieces and repeat. The first player to clean their planet wins
•Educational Value | Great for developing hand eye coordination and a good social learning game
•Includes 15 Dice, 50 Colored Pieces, 6 Playmats, 11 Trash Trophies, and Rules
•Ages 6+ | Players 3-5 | Playtime 10-15 Min

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