Bag of 50 Assorted Loose Opaque Polyhedral d20 Dice

ChessexSKU: CHX29420

Sale price$26.99


Whether you're just starting your dice collection or a certified dice goblin, this assorted bag of D20 dice is an excellent addition to any collection. You can never have enough D20's when it comes to Dungeons and Dragons or other Table Top RPGs; it is always good to have extra in your bag for when your dice turn on you!
•Includes a variety of Opaque coloured D20 dice
•50 Assorted D20 dice, perfect for those high damage rolls or building your dice collection
•These dice are perfect for some of your favorite RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Warhammer, and more!
•They will make an excellent edition to any RPG or Boardgame you sit down to play!
•Because you can never have too many dice…

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