Grandstand Baseball Display Case with Cradle Base

BallQubeSKU: BLQ101GS

Sale price$4.99


Our deluxe square baseball display case featuring a built-in ball cradle. We designed our case to securely display a baseball meeting the specifications of the Official Major League Baseball (between 9″ and 9.25″ circumference). You can lock it on the sweet spot with BallQube’s design which securely fits up to a 9.25″ circumference baseball. Stylized baseball diamond corners provide a stacking mechanism. This is a clear, stackable, and stable solution for your valuable autographed baseball collection.
•The interior dimensions of this baseball holder are 2.88" square. The exterior dimensions are 3.125" square. This baseball case is designed to hold the baseball securely in place.
•This baseball case has an interlocking mechanism in each exterior corner which provides a stacking mechanism. Stack them up!
•This baseball holder case has a built-in clear stand which holds the baseball securely in place.
•Give these baseball display cases as gifts to the baseball players and baseball fans in your life.
•Baseball not included.

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