Band of Brothers: Battle Pack 1 (Deluxe Edition)

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This game is an expansion set to the our Band of Brothers game series. It is 4 epic battles that are larger scenarios that are games themselves. They use a giant hard mounted game board, almost 2 feet by 3 feet, that is double sided. One side is a snow landscape and the other a summer environment. All the counters you need are included in the battle pack but you must own either Screaming Eagles or Ghost Panzer for the base rules, player aid cards, status counters, etc.
•Band of Brothers: Battle Pack #1 is a dependent expansion for the fast playing, squad level game series of Band of Brothers.
•Ownership of Screaming Eagles, Ghost Panzer and Texas Arrows are required for this Battle Pack.
•It includes two, large hard-mounted 22" x 34" maps on a double-sided game board. Each is the equivalent of eight regular sized Band of Brothers maps! MAP 27 is a large hill formation dominating open ground, woods, wehat fields, and a stream. MAP 28 is the first ever snow map for Band of Brothers. It is a small town surrounded by sparse woods. The map is perfect for battles involving Russian winters or the Battle of the Bulge.
•This module also contains new 7/8" counters including Waffen SS units. Other new things that show up include the American M26 Pershing tank, captured T34 tanks, Lend Lease versions of the Stuart and the Lee, the Russian SU152, anti-tank dogs, and "dug-in" counters for emplaced vehicles.
•Ages 13+ | 30-2 Hours Playing Time

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