BANG! Legends Card Game

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With BANG! Legends, being part of the Law, Outlaw, or Renegade faction is more exciting than ever, thanks to a new extra-large card format, new adrenaline-pumping feats, and beautiful illustrations showing the evolution of the fearsome gunslingers of BANG! into extraordinary Legends of the Wild West. In the center of the table you place feat cards that contain actions to succeed or brag about. To do this, use the colorful wooden Fame counters specific to your character. When your fame is known everywhere, turn over the card you own and start using your extraordinary Legend skills. After countless games in every corner of the world, the characters of BANG! are ready to become legends in BANG! Legends, the new expansion to the most beloved western card game ever.
•Take on legendary versions of the classic characters from BANG!
•Perform heroic deeds - or brag about them - to gain fame and enhance your abilities.
•After all, a gunslinger's value is measured by the tales of their daring deeds!
•ATTENTION: This expansion is not a complete game, you will also need the best-selling BANG! game to play.
•4-7 Players | Ages 8+ | 30-40 Minutes Playing Time

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