Bicycle Large 29 Wood Cribbage Board

BicycleSKU: JKR130012146

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The Bicycle 29 Cribbage Board includes condensed rules, three red pegs, three blue pegs, and three white pegs for scoring. Cribbage is a game played with grouping cards in combinations to gain points, traditionally for two players, but commonly played with three four, or more.
•High-Quality Wooden Board: Durable wood board with smooth finish and meticulously cut pegging holes.
•This board can be used for games played to 61 or 121 points and is built with the highest standards you'd expect from Bicycle.
•29 Track Pattern: Design inspired by the perfect 29 hand cribbage score, a 1 in 216, 580 change in two player games!
•Built-In Peg Storage: Covered peg storage on the back of the board helps keep track of your scoring pegs while maintaining a seamless design.
•*Playing cards not included

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