Big Book of Battle Mats: Wrecks & Ruins

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The handy book of maps for any fantasy tabletop roleplaying game. These maps are perfect for when the RPG party hits the road, offering perilous and interesting features and scenes to explore. With a map for any encounter at your fingertips, this map book is a huge time saver and will allow any Game Master to create engaging, immersive encounters in moments. With 60 lay flat maps, each page is 8x12” opening to 16x24”, the book lays perfectly flat or folds completely in half offering unrivalled versatility!
•Maps lay flat on table with innovative 360° Spine. Perfect for using with miniatures and 3D scenery to build an encounter in moments.
•Perfect maps for D&D, Pathfinder and any fantasy TTRPG in a handy book that’s easy to store & transport.
•Fully dry/wet marker safe so maps can be easily adapted
•Innovative map tool for designing & planning encounters and for inspiring adventures!
•1” grid throughout and consistent 5 foot to 1 inch map scale.

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