Bismarck Solitaire (Deluxe Edition)

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Command the pride of the German Navy in Bismarck Solitaire by Worthington Publishing. Lead the German ships Bismarck, Prinz Eugen, and U-boat support as they take on the determined Royal Navy with one goal, Sink the Bismarck! It's a sea hunt game. As the German commander you are hunting convoys and British warships. You are also hunted by the British Navy that outguns you and has every ship and aircraft it can muster looking for you. It is played by a crafty AI BOT that is focused on only one thing, Sink the Bismarck!
•Bismarck Solitaire board game is based on the very popular bestselling Bismarck Solitaire Bookgame.
•The board game uses the same great game system as the bookgame but has the traditional board game tactile components. It has wooden game pieces to represent the ships and a large doubled sided hard mounted game board for the search board and game actions. One side of the game board is for the Bismarck hunt and the other side is used for the Battle of Denmark Strait.
•The game comes with a double sided game board with enhanced graphics. One side of the board is the North Atlantic at a strategic level with its convoys and all the British warships involved in protecting them from the Bismarck. The other side of the game board is of the Denmark Strait where the Bismarck needs to breakout into the Atlantic and British ships are there to stop them before the make the open seas.
•You have 18 missions of varying objectives and difficultly. Each mission can be played multiple times to best the Royal Navy. Some missions require you to find convoys, others expect you to sink a few British warships, while some just hope your ships can survive the sortie.
•1 Player | Ages 14+ | 1 Hour Playing Time

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