Board Game Sleeves, 100, Small

Arcane TinmenSKU: ATM10404

Sale price$4.99


Board Game Sleeves provide incredible protection for all of your favorite Euro and American-style board games. Each sleeve is transparent on both sides to ensure perfect visibility. Board Game Sleeves come in 9 unique sizes, made especially for the most popular games on the market. Try our Board Game Sleeves in a classic, glossy quality or treat yourself with a pack of the brand new non-glare sleeves for a refined gaming experience.
•Clear front & back.
•100 sleeves per box
•For cards measuring up to 44X68mm (111/16 x 25/8”).
•This size is typical for small cards in most European board games like ‘Catan’, ‘Camel Up’, ‘Dimension’ and many more.

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