Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress Lyrical Monasterio Lyrical Booster 02

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The academic city of "Lyrical Monasterio" where the idols reside enters a New School Term!2 new idols take the stage, bringing more color to the world of Lyrical Monasterio!The 6 existing Ride Lines get powered up too!Also featuring triggers with effects that will be essential for your decks!
•This box contains 16 packs.
•Each pack contains 7 cards out of 172 types of cards (Including the 6 LSR cards ,35 SP cards, and 51 H cards)
•There may be a higher number of certain cards compared to others, and there is a high possibility that it may be difficult to collect all types of cards
•It is not possible to start the game with 1 pack. To start learning the game, a Trial Deck is required.
•It is possible to mix and play with other English version "Cardfight!! Vanguard" cards.

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