Catapult Feud: Artificers Tower! Expansion

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You may have heard the buzz about Catapult Feud, and want to get involved with the biggest and tallest castle possible. Then as you construct your Artificer's Tower you'll need to be careful of the nearby hives! The Chauforts and the Cunningfields build higher and higher, as the fued continues to grow. The Mighty Plunger rams into action, moving closer into battle! Will the troops be safe in the Artificer's Tower or will the fall be their last? Buzzzzzzzzzz... what's that sound?!!!
•Ready, Aim... Ram the Tower!
•The Artificer's Tower Expansion adds new weapons, new ammo, and more bricks for elaborate castle-building!
•Build a tall tower, but watch out for bees... they'' have your troops running in all directions!
•2 Players | Ages 7+ | 30-45 Minutes Playing Time
•PLEASE NOTE: Requires Base Game to Play

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