Cave Troll (Second Edition) Board Game

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The cave troll's lair holds precious magical artifacts and riches galore...However, those who are brave or foolhardy enough to enter the cave troll's lair must contend not only with its monstrous denizens, but also the competition from other treasure-hunters!
•In the Cave Troll board game, each player commands a party of heroes attempting to reap the most treasure from the dungeon.
•In order to thwart their opponents, players wield powerful artifacts and summon vile minions including beastly orcs, terrifying wraiths, or even a mighty cave troll!
•This new edition of Cave Troll features detailed plastic figures of the heroes, monsters, and treasure chests, as well as striking new artwork and graphic design.
•This edition also oincludes both the original and an all-new alternate set of montser and hero abilities, adding a fun new twist to this classic game.
•2-4 Players | Ages 10+ | 20-60 Minutes Playing Time

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