Century: A New World

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Explore, Hunt, Settle and Trade in the Americas in CENTURY - A NEW WORLD! In Century - A New World, fans should expect accessible gameplay that leads to deep strategy! Gorgeous art supplied by Chris Quilliams. Century - A New World is a fitting end to Century series and one every fan will want to own! Century - A New World mixes with Spice Road and/or Eastern Wonders. An amazing way to say farewell to this great series !
•Part of the Century series. A set of exciting and wonderfully addictive stand-alone games that are also fully mixable with other games in the series.
•A worker placement game at its core, A New World has players placing the members of their trading group in different areas to collect different resources or develop bonus-granting upgrades. Players score points based on the bonuses they developed and resources they’ve generated during the game.
•A New World sends players to the Americas at the dawn of the 16th century. Players serve as traders in the American colonies - they will trade with native people and navigate the wilds.
•2-4 Players | Ages 8+ | 30-45 Minutes Playing Time
•FULLY MIXABLE! Play as its own game or mix with Spice Road and Eastern Wonders to create 4 unique games!

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