Chez Goth (2nd Edition)

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Work at your dreary job. Spend your hard-earned money and precious time to accumulate Slack points . . . or collect Gloom when life turns against you. As it will! You can earn Slack for buying Clothes, Shinies, and Booze . . . or you can just Cough, Complain, or even Faint Dramatically, especially if you have an audience. And if you get very lucky, there might be some Graveyard Nookie in your future.
•Angst. Nookie. Roommates. Just another Friday night at Chez Goth.
•This stand-alone game puts a new spin on the award-winning (and all too realistic) Chez Geek.
•You're still living with a bunch of roommates . . . but now you're a Goth!
•The second edition features a larger, sturdier box and includes Slack and Gloom counters and a die.
•2-5 Players | Ages 13+ | 1 Hour Playing Time

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