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Over 700 System Neutral Ways to Describe Combat on 120 Cards. Combat Description Cards are ingeniously set up and easy to use. The cards divide themselves into three types of damage: Piercing, Blunt, and Slashing. Each type is then broken down into three attack styles: Finesse, Power, and Range. Each style has a clear, readable one-word Action-Word and sample descriptions that sparks your imagination. The first example description illustrates a successful attack by the hero, and the second option depicts the hero vanquishing a foe! Written by Novelist, organized by GameMasters: In composition, the deck contains three suits. These suits correspond to the well-known attack types of blunt, piercing, and slashing. Then, the action words and their examples are broken up into the generic fighting styles of Finesse, Power and Range.
•Too often we see TTRPG combat being run with just a hit/don't hit binary, plus damage.
•With these cards, you can infuse combat with story and bring the combatants to life.
•This cards adds depth and drama to any of your story's combat scenes.

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