Conflict PvP: Tactics and Teams Rulebook + Battlemaps

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Conflict PvP adds advanced team vs. team mechanics and rules to the Pathfinder RPG. Resulting in raw brutal yet governed competition Play with a team or as gladiator styled individuals. Conflict offers scenarios suitable for both styles of play. These scenarios and rules are much more than just death-matches. Instead matches are driven by scenarios with clearly defined objectives that must be completed in order to win. Plus hidden movement is real in Conflict PvP so dont even think about Metagaming it. Seasoned with over three years of experience in the trenches of PvP combat this updated edition offers a whole slew of new material for your destructive pleasure. 15 team vs. team combat matches. Over 40 different match variants. 25 Map Elements for the players to summon to any battle-map. 12 Conflict Laws with which to alter the rules of the conflict and over 40 statblocks of combat optimized characters NPCs and monsters

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