Cutthroat Caverns: Death Incarnate Exp Pack 5

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Welcome back to Cutthroat Caverns, the semi-cooperative game of kill-stealing and backstabbing in a deadly dungeon. Death Incarnate is the fifth expansion to our critically acclaimed game, Cutthroat Caverns, an expansion dedicated to the most feared Encounters in the game, the Incarnations. Here their numbers are more than doubled, new Events are themed for their spheres of influence & legendary Relics are imbued with their incredible powers - one for each Incarnation going all the way back to the base game. This expansion set has it all. Cutthroat Caverns 5: Death Incarnate is a ‘must have’ expansion for fans of the game and is poised to be the most popular expansion since Relics & Ruin. The reason? It holds some of the most dramatic Encounters ever produced for the game. Big, emotionally-charged fun is at the center of each Incarnation and will lead to epic, memorable games.
•Death Incarnate is the first 'thematic' expansion for Cutthroat Caverns, focused exclusively on the most exciting and challenging of the Encounters in the game: The Incarnations.
•Even the Event and Relic cards are themed on the powers and abilities of Incarnation creatures, both those in this set as well as every Incarnation going back 10 years to the base set. What is it like to hold the power of Death? Posess The Finger of Death and find out!
•New rules for selecting the last Encounter of the game are introduced, preset dungeon challenges as well as two Quest cards that outline new winning and losing conditions to try.
•Death Incarnate ramps up to the release of the 10th Anniversary reboot for the game, with enahnced graphics for the Encounter cards, with better legibility and larger illustrations. Fully compatitble with other sets and preparing people for what's to come.
•3-6 Players | Ages 14+ | 90 Minutes Playing Time

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