Cutthroat Caverns Expansion Pack 3 Tombs & Tomes

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Tombs and Tomes is our third expansion to Cutthroat Caverns and it takes the exciting new mechanics first introduced in Relics and Ruin and adds even more sinister fun to the mix of Events and Relic Cards. Try battling a familiar friend like the Cursed Goblin while the walls close in and your hand size shrinks every turn or have every Relic in the room suddenly come to life and attack you when the Encounter is over, where the first one to beat a Relic into submission may claim it. And they are worth claiming. Bloodstone allows you to inflict 5 damage to any player at the end of an Encounter - and should any player die, you gain 3 Prestige. Or Ring of Storing which allows you to store an Action card immediately after playing it for a future second use. Perhaps Evil Eye is more your style, punishing those who would do you harm.
•Diceless RPG Style Card Game Expansion
•This is Not a Complete Game (You Must Own Cutthroat Caverns to Play)
•Players 3-6
•Ages 12+
•Playing Time 1.5 Hours

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