Cyberpunk 2020: Forlorn Hope

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John `Professor` Freeman, Captain of LRT-601, builds a bar as a rallying point for his former teammates, and a haven for other SouthAm vets. He calls it The Forlorn Hope a place where soldiers and solos can fraternize with others that `speak the language` and know the nerves that come with living hard and fast. Today, the regulars at the Hope continue to run the Edge, across the country and around the world. And you can be there with them in 8 different adventures, from a corporate extraction with a twist, to a murder investigation gone bad, to a monster hunt in the wilds of Eastern Europe! Pay your dues and become a member of the most exclusive solo fraternity around The Forlorn Hope!
•Officially Licensed
•A Supplement For Cyberpunk 2020
•Soft Cover
•104 Pages

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