Dandelions Family Game

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Transform into a dandelion to float on a gentle breeze and plant your seeds in beautiful gardens. Roll your eleven dice and plan your movements. Landin the best gardens, blow your opponent’s seeds out of your way, and try to have the most seeds in each garden. The multiple scoring systems will give you lots to think about.
•ROLL-AND-MOVE: Dandelions is a roll-and-move, area-majority game. But this isn't Monopoly's roll-and-move. You'll roll all 11 (ELEVEN!) of your dice at the start of the game and carefully choose when to use each one over your 11 turns.
•AREA-MAJORITY: The area-majority jostling adds a direct-competition yet playful edge.
•SCORING STRATEGY: Two scoring methods add complexity to your strategy.
•SITUATION AWRENESS: Maximizing the usefulness of your 11 dice and getting to the high-value gardens more often than the other players. Maximizing your score, but also making sure you don't let anyone else score as much by pushing your opponent's dice into different, strategically less important, gardens.
•A 2-3 player, 15 minute playing time, family, friendS, and kids game.

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